Book and audiobook reviews are an important part of an author's marketing mix. Our team selects anywhere from 5-10 books a month to read or listen to and review. Here's a few things to note before submitting your book or audiobook to us:

1. Please allow one month from submission for your review to be posted. Out of the books we review each month, our team selects three to be featured on the homepage. Other reviews are posted on our blog.

2. We review all mainstream genres, though we retain the right to refuse a book that is poorly edited, has a poorly done cover, or has several bad reviews already.

3. We do not accept short stories, boxed sets, or extreme and offensive stories that contain graphic violence, bestiality, etc.

4. We prefer books in .mobi or .epub format, but will also accept select PDF formatted books.

5. Submission does not guarantee a review. We will try really hard to, but due to high volume of submissions, it's just not possible sometimes.

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